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System Administrator / Linux Superuser

Full time Portland, OR
Posted date: Nov 14, 2018


System Administrator / Linux Superuser

UserLAnd/Foxhole is seeking a systems administrator of any experience level to help us as bring the power of Linux computing back to the people.

UserLAnd is a set of open-source technologies for democratizing access to the full set of your phones computing abilities. For many people in the world, a smartphone is their primary computing device. But the smartphone is limited - it's not hackable except by "advanced" users, and it's uses are limited by the corporate interests who sold it to you. UserLAnd aims to let you Use Linux Anywhere by enabling you to run full Linux distributions on your Android device and provide a gateway to cloud computing for all users. Additionally, we are building Foxhole, a privacy focused set of common collaboration tools, on top of the UserLAnd platform.

We are seeking a skilled Linux systems administrator to help us define and manage our online services as we roll out our cloud offerings, as well as supporting the local execution of Linux on Android and Foxhole devices. As an employee at UserLAnd you will join a small independent team within the larger London Trust Media organization in bringing the vision of using Linux anywhere to life.

Your day to day tasks will include:

Helping to build custom privacy-focused Linux distribution(s) that empowers users to complete their computing tasks while keeping them free of excessive monitoring and oversight. Maintaining and helping to build out our container infrastructure. Advising and staying abreast of security and privacy best practices for both large cloud installations and individual user accounts. In keeping with our mission and ideals UserLAnd/Foxhole technologies aim to be both private and secure by default. Debugging deep and obscure problems with Linux systems, assisting both UserLAnd developers and users. Network / IT and system administration and configuration. Providing on-call assistance as required. We understand that not everybody will be versed in all of these technologies - this is a list of technologies we currently employ, not a list of buzzwords to put on your resume! Our missions is to bring Linux to everyone and believing in that mission is the most important qualification! That said, here are some skills you might use daily or weekly at Userland/Foxhole:

Using and maintaining Linux based systems. Hashicorp stack including Terraform, Nomad, Consul and Vault Docker / LXC / Containers Virtualization technologies like Virtualbox, VMWARE and QEMU AWS / Cloud Computing Networking administration including firewalls and VPNs Ansible Configuration Management Mail Server / CalDav / CardDAV administration. Bash / Python / Go scripting Datadog / Prometheus / StatsD Extra awesome points for:

Speaking or reading Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Hindi, Russian or Spanish. Our product is international and we expect a significant fraction of users to speak a language other than English as their primary language. People whose lived experience intersects with our mission. Didn't have a computer growing up? We want your insight! Open-source contributions and advocacy. UserLAnd and Foxhole are built on open-source technologies. As part of our commitment to privacy and open-source all of our supporting code will be released (eventually) as open-source. Kernel hacking experience. We don't do much of this, so impress us with your awesome nerd-war stories. This position is onsite at our Portland, Oregon office with the rest of the UserLAnd team. Remote work is an option for the right candidate, but you should expect to visit the Portland office frequently for collaboration and board games.

The expected salary for this position is $65K-$110K per year. London Trust Media offers a full suite of benefits including family health, vision, and dental insurance, discounted VPN memberships and more. Our office is located at the Urban Office place co-working facility in Portland, who provide in-office perks such as a gym, beer and kombucha on tap, and a cool robotic barista.

… or you can apply by emailing [email protected].